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Sodium Citrate

What is sodium citrate and how is it used in the fourApril product line? Discover more about this ingredient and the details surrounding its origins below.

pile of sodium bicarbonate close up on black

What is Sodium Citrate?

Sodium Citrate is commonly found in many detergents and formulas. It is a naturally occurring substance, so it is an integral part in making cleaning formulas biodegradable. It helps make the water it is mixed with “softer”, allowing the cleaner to do more work with less detergent or formula. [1]

What is Sodium Citrate found in?

Not only is sodium citrate a common ingredient in household cleaning products, but it is also found in certain foods we eat. In food, it is commonly used as an additive for flavoring or preservation. The fact that it is used in foods solidifies its use case as a completely safe, all-natural ingredient in fourApril cleaning products. [1] [2]

How is Sodium Citrate made and how is it used?

The “salt” that is crystalized upon the fermentation of citric acid is what we call sodium citrate. In other words, it is a derivative of citric acid. The resulting crystals or salts are then added to foods to provide a sour and tangy taste. They can also be dissolved into cleaning product formulas to help make them more effective, especially on hard surfaces. [4] [5]

Sodium Citrate uses in fourApril Products

Sodium Citrate is used in most fourApril cleaning products. As mentioned above, it acts as an essential building block to making our household cleaners effective, especially on hard surfaces. Sodium Citrate is a natural derivative of citric acid, making it an all-natural ingredient. Should any small amount of this ingredient be ingested, it is no worry since it is used as a flavoring agent in many food products. Should eye or skin contact occur in large amounts, it may cause slight irritability but will not cause any harm.