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Cold and Flu Aid Supplement

  • Immune Support Supplement
  • Helps Strengthen Natural Healing Responses
  • Anti-Inflammatory Agents
  • Proprietary Bioflavinoid Blend
  • 300 Servings Per Bottle


Take 3 servings daily for optimal results.

1 serving = 3 drops

FourApril uses a proprietary blend of all natural bioflavinoids proven to boost cognitive, immune, oral and gut performance.

  • Marshmallow Root Extract
  • Thyme Extract
  • Proprietary Bioflavinoid Blend

Product Description

Helps strengthen your body’s natural healing response, and super boost antioxidant levels. Enriched with powerful anti-inflammatory agents like Marshmallow Root, Vitamins, and Trace Minerals that all can help reduce inflammation and swelling in the respiratory tract as well as boost your immune system.

IngredientsProprietary Bioflavonoid Blend, Grapeseed Oil, MCT Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Marshmallow Root Extract, Thyme Extract, Ginger Oil, Bergamot Oil, Vitamin C-Ester, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, Menthol Crystals USP, Trace Utah Sea Minerals

Natural Ingredients

VOC Free

Doctor Endorsed

Cruelty Free