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What is Glucopon and how is it used in the fourApril product line? Discover more about this ingredient and the details surrounding it’s origins below.

Natural coco cosmetic moisturizer cream on monstera palm leaf

What is Glucopon?

Glucopon is a surfactant that provides a cleaning performance boost in a variety of surface based cleaning product solutions. It is a very effective ingredient for solutions used to clean hard surfaces by providing increased wetting properties and improved soil removal. [1][2]

How Glucopon Is Made

Glucopon is a naturally based ingredient derived from coconut oil, palm kernel oil and glucose from corn. Since Glucopon comes from all natural resources, it is readily biodegradable. [2]

What Does Glucopon Do?

In addition to increased wetting and dirt removal, Glucopon also provides additional gloss improvement on hard surfaces, foam stabilization and penetrating properties. This is great for hard surfaces such as glass, metal, granite, plastic and ceramics. [1][2]

Glucopon Uses in fourApril Products

Glucopon is used in multiple fourApril cleaning products due to it’s performance enhancing properties for hard surface cleaning.

Glucopon Safety

Glucopon is an all natural ingredient, so it is safe not only for your home but for you and your family as well. All fourApril cleaning products are non-irritable and safe for skin contact.